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Ditch the bottled brew or bagged blend and grow your own tea garden with ease. When people think of tea, they first jump to the idea that there is a tea plant or only a few acceptable plants to make tea from, however throughout time, humans have brewed thousands of plants in water and enjoyed the medicinal and social benefits of teas. The beginning of a good tea is a good plant, grown with positive intention with mindfulness of the earth and environment that it was grown in.

This list will be sorted by the parts of the plant most commonly used in home brewing, however not all may be to your personal taste and you can skip around. Under each plant will be listed its preferential grow zones, however zones are flexible if you’ll be growing your tea garden indoors or with some supplemental temperature care if outdoors. Each of these can be brewed individually or in combination. While i can’t make medicinal claims, i will include some common usage for the selected herbs and you can try to use them for the example ailments and see how they do for you. But, be sure to check with your doctor and do your own research as every body is different and responds differently to different stimulus.


Camellia Sinensis: Zones 7-9: The industry standard tea plant. this plant is used as the basis for traditional black, green, white, and oolong teas.

Anise Hyssop: Zones 4a-9b

Apple Mint: Zones 5a-9b

Basil: Zones 4-10

Black Peppermint: Zones 3a-7b

Bronze Fennel: Zones 4a-9b

Cardamom: Zones 10a-11

Catnip: Zones 3-9

Chocolate Mint: Zones 3a-11

Cilantro: Zones 2-12

Cranberry Hibiscus: zones 9-11

Eastern Mint: Zones 6a-9b

Fennel: Zones 5-10

Feverfew: Zones 5a-9b

Ginger Mint: Zones 5b-9b

Hyssop: Zones 3a-11

Kratom: Zones 9a-10a

Lavender Mint: Zones 5-9

Lemon Balm: Zones 4a-9b

Lemon Basil: Zones 3-12

Lemon Grass: Zones 8-11

Lemon Thyme: Zones 3b-11

Lemon Verbena: Zones 9-10

Marjoram: Zones 7-9

Monarda: Zones 3a-9b

Manuka: Zones 9a-11

Mint: Zones 3-11

Moroccan Mint: Zones 4-10

Motherwort: Zones 4-8

Mountain Pepper: Zones 7-10

Mugwort: Zones

Nettles: Zones

New Jersey Tea: Zones 4a-10b

Olive Tree: Zones 8a-11

Orange Thyme: Zones 4a-9b

Peppermint: Zones 3a-7b

Pineapple Mint: Zones 5a-9b

Pineapple Sage: Zones 8-11

Pine Needles: Zones

Raspberry: Zones 3a-8b

Red Clover: Zones

Rosemary: Zones 7a-10b

Sage: Zones

Scented Geranium: Zones 10a-11

Spearmint: Zones 4a-11

Strawberry Mint: Zones 4-10

Stevia: Zones 8a-11

Sweet Tea Vine: Zones 8a-11

Swiss Mint: Zones 3a-7b

Tangerine Sage: Zones 8a-11

thyme: Zones

Tulsi: Zones 10b-11

Winter Savory: Zones 5a-8b

Yarrow: Zones

Yerba Mate:

Stalks/Branches/ Bark

Black Birch: Zones

Cinnamon: Zones

Cottonwood Tree: Zones

Elm Tree: Zones

Horsetail: Zones

Linden Tree: Zones

Poplar Tree: Zones

Willow Tree: Zones

Roots/ Fungi

Agarikon: Zones

Agaricus Blazei: Zones

Angelica: Zones 4a-9b

Ashwagandha: Zones

Black Cohosh: Zones

Blue Cohosh: Zones

Burdock: Zones

Butterbur: Zones

Celandine: Zones

Chaga Mushroom: Zones

Chicory: Zones 4a-11

Comfrey: Zones

Cordyceps Mushroom: Zones

Dandelion: Zones 3a-10b

Echinacea: Zones 4a-8b

Galangal: Zones

Garlic: Zones

Ginger: Zones 8b-11

Goldenseal: Zones

Kavakava: Zones

Licorice: Zones 7a-9b

Lions Mane Mushroom:

Maca: Zones

Maitake Mushroom: Zones

Marshmallow: Zones

Mayapple: Zones

Phellinus Linteus: Zones

Poria: Zones

Reishi Mushroom: Zones

Saffron: Zones

Sassafras: Zones

Shiitake Mushroom: Zones

Skullcap Mushroom: Zones

Solomon’s Seal: Zones

Stoneroot: Zones

Tremella Fuciformis: Zones

Turkey Tail Mushroom: Zones

Turmeric: Zones

Valerian: Zones 4a-9b


Calendula: Zones 3-9

Dandelion: Zones 3-9

Echinacea: Zones 3-8

German Chamomile: Zones 5-8

Hibiscus: Zones 9-11

Honeysuckle: Zones4a-9b

Jasmine: Zones 9a-11

Lavender: Zones 5a-8b

Linden Tree: Zones 3a-8b

Milk Thistle: Zones 5-9

Queen Anne’s Lace: Zones 6-9

Roman Chamomile: Zones 4a-9b

Rose: Zones 2a-9b

Saffron: Zones 6-9b

St. Johns Wort: Zones 3-10

Viola:Zones 6-8

Violet: Zones 4a-9b

Unconventional Fruits/ Vegetables/ Berries

Myrtle: Zones 8b-11

Rose Hips: Zones 2a-9b


Cilantro: Zones 10-11

Fennel: Zones 4a-9b

Fenugreek: Zones 8b-11

Vanilla Orchid: Zones 10a-11a