Treating the Symptoms ( A philosophical Ramble)

Uncomfortable Truths

Ok this is going to be one of the least practical posts, because i’m not speaking just about medical symptoms, i’m speaking on generalities.

Current culture cares more about the effect than the cause. When it does realize that it needs to break a cycle, it looks for the closest causal (more often correlative) connection and focuses all its efforts there.

We look around and see symptoms of the world’s problems. They’re in our face, they’re overt, and they feel like tangible problems that we can overcome. However the more we hyperfixate on the effect, we lose the time to address the original problem that caused these issues. We get tunnel vision and forget about the bigger picture.

Of course if we only worry about the big problems, they will seem overwhelming, and we will ignore tremendous localized suffering. Neither of these pursuits are practical and effective on their own. They should always be addressed in tandem.

Sick patients need treatment just as much as the origination of their ailment can be isolated, understood, and cured. It is important to divide our focus equally between the two objectives to have maximum impact.

the same framework can be applied to any number of scenarios. Consider the current political turmoil in the United States. part of the populace blames the other part on their different opinion and how its causing leaders that are tanking our country, and another part of the populace blames the people in charge for manifesting issues between everyone else and using them to their advantage. Neither belief is wrong. Both sides of the equation are in balance to bring about stress, disorder, confusion, and stunt unity and positive progress for the country.

Anyone familiar with algebra knows that you cant change a variable on only 1 side of the equation to solve for the unknown (the problem being investigated). You have maintain a balance sheet and combine elements of both sides to modify them in order to bring the unknown problem into clear view and eliminate any obstruction.

If i could wish the world one thing, it wouldn’t be peace, prosperity, or health. It would be Clarity. The clarity to understand that we cause the malfunction which leads our society further from happiness, peace, prosperity, and good health. IF i wished for one of those individually without the awareness of how closely they are connected, things would eventually go right back to where they are now. But clarity gives everyone the insight to see our negative patterns, to see the bigger picture and all its resultant symptoms and allows us the chance to reclaim our power, harness our potential, and make a huge leap for our species.